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Having been heavily involved in medical transcription for the past 7 years, Intercom recognizes the importance of HIPAA regulations, as well as the significant challenges that HIPAA regulations present to the healthcare industry. Intercom is committed to helping our clients achieve HIPAA compliance. To this end, we have created a governing framework to define and manage our HIPAA initiatives.

Intercom has a full time HIPAA Privacy Officer to facilitate and manage the information security and HIPAA needs of our organization as well as for our clients. The Privacy Officer will develop and maintain effective educational programs for training internal and external clients on the requirements of HIPAA as they evolve.

Intercom Compliance

HIPAA REQUIREMENT Intercom Compliance
1. Information Access Control
Limits access to the application by:
User ID and Password YES
Role-based access YES
Context-based access YES
User-based access YES
Note: HIPAA requires at least one access control mechanism to be present
2. Auto Log-off
Time out mechanism to define an automatic log-off from application if no activity occurs within a designated time. YES
3. Audit Logging
Provides adequate report within the application with retro activity for last 12 months when patient data is:
Accessed YES
Changed (add or edit activity) YES
Deleted YES
4. User Authentication
Uniquely identifies a user by:
Password (Encrypted) YES
Personal Identification Number (PIN) YES
Telephone Callback N/A
Token N/A
Note: HIPAA requires at least one user authentication method to be present


Cobranded complete medical transcription solutions with web interface for the US based MTSO.

Medical transcription for a fixed per month charge for individual physicians and group practices.

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