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System Wide Cost Reduction

• Intercom provides all equipment and setup, so you eliminate capital equipment costs and the ongoing technology updates and hardware maintenance costs.
• With real-time access to the status of all your jobs, you can better monitor and control costs, thereby reducing overall clerical time.

Highest Report Quality

• A fast turnaround is meaningless if your medical documents are not accurate. That is why we assure the highest level of accuracy. To accomplish this, we have established a system of internal quality checks, both systematic and managerial, to achieve one of the highest quality levels in the industry.
• There is a separate and dedicated quality control department that operates in quality circles to further check and give you error-free reports.

• QA checks by American editors ensures unbeatable quality.

Fast Turn around Time

• In many cases, time is of the essence to the diagnosis and care of a patient. That is why our network is designed to deliver the fastest turnaround time possible for a medical report. In fact, we customize turnaround times based on your specific needs.
• We offer stat / urgent reports within 2-5 hours.

Digital Dictation

• With Intercom, clinicians dictate reports via toll-free telephone lines, Internet-ready computers or via a variety of digital handheld audio devices and can assign priority status and templates to the audio file themselves. Templates reduce dictation time on one hand and increases chart accuracy on the other.

Online Reporting

• Worried you will lose control of your medical reports by outsourcing? With Intercom, you’ll actually gain more control with the power to track the progress of any job at any time. Intercom has a proprietary system that allows your medical staff to monitor, manage, and query the status of dictation work being processed at any given point of time.
• From the moment of dictation, your staff can immediately track the status of each report in real time, including the time of dictation, time of transcription, time of editing, and time of printing at each location.

Electronic Patient Records

• 7 days (or more) Online Audio file archive
• 1 year (or more) online transcribed text file archive
• Advanced search module based on file attributes like date of dictation, date of transcription, patient name, patient id, admit date, referring physician, report number, report type, etc.
• Remote faxing/email - auto or manual
• Electronic Signature

24 X 7 Service

• As your business partner, we have a mutual commitment to your success. We not only bring our technology and operational strength to the partnership, we also work on innovative solutions and services designed to reduce costs.
• To ensure rapid response times and delivery of reliable services, Intercom has dedicated technical, sales, and service staff to cater to your needs and problems. Customers can call any time using the toll-free customer service line to request both operational and technical support. Intercom support team performs remote diagnostics and maintenance on a daily basis to proactively identify potential problems at each of our customer sites of service.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at sales@intercomindia.com or at our New York office at 212 480 4303 x 510.


Cobranded complete medical transcription solutions with web interface for the US based MTSO.

Medical transcription for a fixed per month charge for individual physicians and group practices.

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