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Modes and Formats of Interview and General Transcription

Audio Formats:

We can transcribe interview or general audio files from any source listed below. We encourage you to send your audio files in digital format because analog files will cost more due to file conversions and postal charges.

Digital files (MP3, MP2, WMA, VAL, RM, WAV, AU, SND, MOV, ASF, VM1, DSS, VOX, SRI etc.)
Conference recordings
Toll-free number recordings
Mini discs
Tape Cassettes

Type of Transcripts:

The transcription can be done per your specific instructions. No level of formatting or editing is too difficult for us. Let us know what you need and we will have it done expertly for you. Absent specific instructions, the standard formats are:

  • Complete Verbatim transcripts: No changes or edits are made in such documents marked for complete verbatim formatting. The audio files are transcribed verbatim including all the 'uhms and uhs' and 'stu-stutters.' This is often used in legal interviews or depositions, police interviews, and in the field of psychology and psychiatry.
  • Clean Verbatim transcripts: Changes and edits are made by our staff to make the transcript more readable. These changes include the removal of stuttering, partial words, and ahs and ums. The substance/content of the audio is done verbatim. We omit only the non-verbal, non-intelligible portions. Double words are removed. However, all grammatical errors are left as is. We do not change the substance of the conversation, content, etc.
  • Edited for Clarity: With this formatting option, we take clean verbatim to another level. We edit the content of the document for clarity. This means that we fix grammatical errors and if someone repeats the same phrase over and over, we include it only once. Once again, we do not change the substance or the meaning of the content. We clarify the non-essential parts of the conversation, content, etc. and make it readable and flowing. This format is often used for focus group transcripts, transcripts of classes/lectures, TV/radio shows, press briefings, speeches, etc.
  • Time Coding/Stamping: Parts of the audio are indicated with time stamps. This option is used with any type of transcript and is based upon your need to know about the beginning or end of certain speakers, events, milestones, etc. in the audio.

Document Formats:

We can send you transcribed reports in MS Word or Word Perfect formats, RTF, TXT or HTML or any other format which you request. We can also For Time Coding, please send relative audio or video to edit with visible time code details.

Delivery Mode:

We deliver your files via web interface, secure email, FTP, or sFTP.

Contact us at interviewsales@intercomindia.com or 212 480 4076 for more information or to receive a price quote.


Interview transcription for University Professor's and research students.

Medical transcription for a fixed per month charge for individual physicians and group practices.

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