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Interview Transcription Features

Modes of Dictation

You can dictate on digital recorders, toll-free telephone lines or your PC. We can also accept cassette tapes, mini discs, CDs and DVDs delivered to our office located in Manhattan, New York.

Highest Report Quality

For interview and general transcription, we have a well-established system of internal quality checks, both systematic and managerial, to achieve one of the highest quality levels in the industry. All interview transcription reports are transcribed by our staff in the US and Canada to ensure 98.5% and higher accuracy on your transcripts.

Faster Report Turnaround

We know that in many cases you needed the files to be transcribed “yesterday.” To meet your needs, we have turn around times starting at 24 hours up to 6 weeks. You can choose the turn around time that meets your needs.

System Wide Cost Reduction

We offer pay-as-you go pricing.
We offer pricing with and without commitments.
We provide you with all thesoftware, so you eliminate capital equipment costs and ongoing technology updates and hardware maintenance costs.
With real-time access to the status of each document, you can better monitor and control costs thereby reducing overall administrative/clerical time.

Online Reporting and Storage

With Intercom, you'll actually gain more control with the power to track the progress of any file at any time.
Intercom has a web-based file routing platform that allows you to monitor, manage, and query the status of dictation work being processed at any given point of time.
We archive audio dictations online for 2 weeks and transcripts for 1 month without any cost to you. The system is equipped with an advanced search module to retrieve the files.
You also get the facility of remote faxing/emaiing throughout the system.

Security and Confidentiality

Security and confidentiality of data is of utmost importance and Intercom is committed to provide solutions that are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations set in this regard. We have in place specific technical and physical security features for data system components, verification of authorized users, control-access, 128-bit SSL encryption technology, data integrity, and backup/recovery to ensure availability and reliability. All the servers have Firewalls installed to prevent unauthorized Internet interception and have latest anti-virus software on every server to protect against Internet viruses. All the employees are required to sign "Confidentiality Agreements" which further addresses security and confidentiality issues.

24 X 7 Support Service

To ensure rapid response times and delivery of reliable services, Intercom has dedicated technical, sales, and service staff to cater to your needs and problems. Our staff is located both in the U.S. and in India.
For further information, to request a quote, or to have a sales associate contact you, please email us at interviewsales@intercomindia.com. You may also call us in the United States at 1-212-480-4076.


Interview transcription for University Professor's and research students.

Medical transcription for a fixed per month charge for individual physicians and group practices.

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