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Business Transcription Service Areas

Service areas

• Business Transcription Services for Focus Groups - When you tape your meetings, seminars or conventions, we can transcribe your standard or microcassette tapes. MS Word or WordPerfect software is used and your transcripts can be put on disk, sent via e-mail or a hard copy can be generated. For an extra fee, we will even dub your DAT tape to standard cassettes.

• Business Transcriptions for Speakers/Moderators - Send us your taped talks, lectures and/or interviews for transcribing. We will turn them into typed copy utilizing MS Word or WordPerfect. You can send your typed text via e-mail, disk or hard copy.

• Business Transcriptions for Teleconferences - With the high cost of teleconferencing, why not use tapes? Our business transcription services will provide a verbatim record of the teleconferences to refer to in meetings, keep as permanent records, or distribute to those who were not in attendance.

• Business Transcription Services for Books/Manuscripts - While you're spending more time coming up with ideas for your book or manuscript, call us to transcribe your thoughts and put them on paper, disk or e-mail. Free up your time to make your book a success. Handwritten copies are also welcomed.

• Business Transcription Services for Police and Fire Departments - Let us type your taped interviews, traffic accident reports, fire reports, bugged conversations, interviews of witnesses and/or suspects, and wire taps. Any administrative job is not big or too small.

• Business Transcription Services for Schools - We can handle your overflow of reports, projects and accreditation reports.

Transcripts from any source:
Standard/micro cassettes, audio files, ( wav,vox,dss,mp3) Internet, VHS or DAT. All audio is enhanced through analog and digital equipment.


Interview transcription for University Professor's and research students.

Medical transcription for a fixed per month charge for individual physicians and group practices.

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