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Why Us?
Transcription savings
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Why Us?

The basic features you demand while outsourcing are:

• Service Specialty
• Cost Advantage
• Control of Operations

We are committed to provide with all these three features packed in the best possible way.

Service Specialty

• We have best available technology and telecom equipments to manage and transfer your data and our own ASP model which helps us to have assembly level control and serve you in a personalized way.
• We have two levels of quality check and quality circles giving an accuracy level of 99% + for all the files.
• We offer you a practical one day turn around time, meaning, anytime during the day till 12 pm you dictate, transcribed reports will be on your table at 9 am the next day.
• You can specify a report as stat or urgent, and we shall deliver it back to you within 2-5 hours.
• Everything is online, you can track the status of your report, mark it urgent and get the report or retrieve old reports anywhere & anytime from our data-center with just a click.

Cost Advantage

The basis of our business model is to offer cost advantage to the clients while maintaining the service quality. We offer a cost advantage of atleast 20%-30% in comparison to our US counterparts because our back office operations are in India, and atleast 10% in comparison to our Indian counterparts because of innovate processes and use of best technology.
McKinsey & Co. predicts global market for IT-enabled services to be over $140 billion by 2008. In that the opportunity for India will be $17 billion.

Operational Control

You as a client are most concerned about operational control and we respect your concern.
Inspite of our back office operations in India, we provide you with full operational control. We are just a click or call away, you can track all your files and status online, and our front office is based in Manhattan, NY, just a call away. Our specialized service and technical staff will be more than happy to serve you.

Please write back for further information to info@intercomindia.com.


Cobranded complete medical transcription solutions with web interface for the US based MTSO.

Dental, HCFA 1500 and UB 92 Insurance form coding and data entry for the US and UK based vendors.

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