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Outsourcing defined
Why India?
Why Intercom?

Why Intercom?

Outsource to Intercom for an efficient, cost-effective and timely work.

• To take advantage of our four years of experience in IT-enabled service areas.
• We offer high quality services and an easy access to reliable and specialized skills.
• We are next door to our clients by offering front feedback support from our NY office.
• We help in reducing the overall IT back office burden while retaining control of strategic decision making.
• By outsourcing to Intercom, clients get an efficient and low gestation start.
• We offer secure and confidential work procedures and policies for meeting the regulatory requirements as well as meeting the internal management requirements.
• We help in improving the turn around times due to a time zone difference.

• We offer 24X7 feedback support for a better control and decision making.

Cobranded complete medical transcription solutions with web interface for the US based MTSO.

Document Coding for the US based scanning and coding bureaus at an exceptionally low rate.

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