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Legal Coding

Objective coding

Objective Coding is the process by which skilled and trained document specialists review every document and prepare a computerized index of basic objective data about each document, including:

• Document Date
• Author(s)
• Recipient(s)
• Document Type
• Title
• Box number
• Source

In most jurisdictions lawyers must prepare a list of documents relevant to the case. Traditionally these were prepared by lawyers or law clerks dictating document summaries, and secretaries typing them up in a word processor. The result: an expensive document of limited value beyond meeting the requirements of the rules of discovery.

The different options in objective coding include:

Inventory Indexing: An inventory index allows you to focus your attention on a small number of "hot" files and documents. We create a database record for each file in the collection. The most simplistic version contains just the Bates range and the file title.

Bibliographic Indexing: This type of database is typically used in conjunction with document imaging. We create a database record for each document, capturing Bates range, date, title, document type, author, recipient, cc and document characteristics. You can also choose enhanced bibliographic options including issues or names mentioned in text.

Detailed Indexing: This is a detailed index for the 5-10% of your collection that is most important for your case. A typical document entry would include all of the bibliographic fields, a more detailed outline of issues, a subjective priority rating, and a plain English summary.


Document Coding for the US based scanning and coding bureaus at an exceptionally low rate.

Dental, HCFA 1500 and UB 92 Insurance form coding and data entry for the US and UK based vendors.

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