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Legal Coding  

Legal coding services
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Legal Coding

Legal coding services

The term "data" is defined as an organized collection of information that can be retrieved and used without wasting time searching. We help in giving an actual meaning to your data by creating a database and then coding and indexing the records. We process project specific document coding as per individual specifications. We manage the projects with personnel who are trained in legal coding and who are familiar with legal terminology and documentation.

There are several reasons why Intercom India can code your documents more efficiently than you may be able to yourself or by sending the job offshore:

Save time: Our coders are very fast and can work while you sleep!

Reduce cost: If you compare the cost of one law clerk coding and another doing the necessary quality control, our service will cost your client approximately half the amount. Your clerks should be focusing on subjective coding - the work that needs their knowledge of the case. Show your clients that you are sensitive to their budget constraints!

High quality: Not only do we have a remarkable staff of experienced coders, but we continually invest in training and new software to improve accuracy and productivity. All legal coding work is reviewed by senior quality control staff. If you are not happy with the any aspect of our service we want to know so that we can improve our service and meet your needs.

Coding manual: We do not code any project until we have agreed with you on a detailed set of standards and guidelines for what is to be coded and how it is to be coded.

Import into popular databases: We use specialized coding software to maximize productivity and consistency. When our coding is complete and everything has been run through thorough quality control checks, we export the coded data to the software of your choice, for example Summation, Concordance, JFS Litigator's Toolkit, Super Text or other.


Document Coding for the US based scanning and coding bureaus at an exceptionally low rate.

Dental, HCFA 1500 and UB 92 Insurance form coding and data entry for the US and UK based vendors.

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