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E-publishing services
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E - Publishing

E-piblishing services

Intercom has specialized in Pre-Press Services like data capturing, data conversions, data basing, typesetting, document scanning etc. Intercom has been serving the composition needs of UK and US based clients with diverse e-publishing requirements like Standard Generic Markup Language (SGML), XML, Miles, Quark Xpress, MS-Word for Windows, HTML, 3B2 etc.

We use state-of-the-art software programs and imaging technologies apart from in-house developed proven software programs to produce quality standards and precision of 99.995% and above. The imaging, scanning, and document management standards are consistent with European and US standards.

Following is the list of documents that Intercom has processed on a regular basis:

• Medical Books & Journals
• Legal Books & Journals
• Financial publications (involving high volumes of Tabulated data)
• Dictionaries
• Biographies
• Novels
• Technical Books & Journals (Involving Math Equations and Table setting)


Document Coding for the US based scanning and coding bureaus at an exceptionally low rate.

Dental, HCFA 1500 and UB 92 Insurance form coding and data entry for the US and UK based vendors.

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