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E-publishing services
Data conversion
Mathematical / Scientific equations
E - Publishing

Data conversion

Converting electronic data from one format to another is an area of expertise. A team of software engineers is deputed to undertake the conversion jobs by requiring customized programs/ macros. The captured data is converted into SGML/XML/HTML format or any other generic word processing format (MS Word, Word Perfect, miles, 3B2, Quark etc.) acceptable to the customer.

INTERCOM has handled various projects in the past involving the conversion of Text and Graphic images into a specified format like PDF/HTML/SGML/XML with hyper-linkages embedded within and finally delivering on CD-ROM. Most of the service related to this area has been rendered to large publishing houses for purposes of Archiving / further Printing.

The delivery of the end product is on the CD-ROM along with the requisite browser like:

Conversion Format Browser
SGML / XML Multi Doc Pro / Any other specific browser
PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader
HTML Internet Explorer / Generic Web Browser

Graphic Designing

• Line art drawings and charts
• Making logos
• Image Editing
• Standard output in EPS, JPEG, TIFF etc.
• Corel Draw, Illustrator, Freehand, Adobe PhotoShop.

Image Scanning

Scanning is done as part of the Pre-Press activity as well as for Document Management applications. For Document Management applications, indexing services are also provided.

Page make-up platforms: QuarkXpress, Ventura, Page Maker, Frame-maker + SGML, Microsoft Word, 3B2 etc.


Document Coding for the US based scanning and coding bureaus at an exceptionally low rate.

Dental, HCFA 1500 and UB 92 Insurance form coding and data entry for the US and UK based vendors.

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