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About Us

Business model

According to the McKinsey report, "The ITES companies will have to set up a direct sales and marketing presence in the US as a majority of the outsourcing to India over the next five years will be indirect. Except for large multinationals, most North American companies will not be comfortable in assuming full responsibility for establishing and monitoring outsourcing activities which are being conducted more than 7,000 miles away."

Apropos study, we, Intercom U.S., have a direct sales and marketing presence in U.S. and outsource all our ITES activities through Intercom India.

Our Role – “Giving New Definition to Business Process Outsourcing”

Intercom provides a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing Services, enabling both U.S. companies to outsource work economically and Indian companies to acquire more business. We act on the one hand as the face for Indian companies in the United States, providing a superior relationship with clients, and on the other hand as the management for U.S. companies in India, ensuring a better value in dealing with service providers.

Intercom U.S. + Intercom India

Advantages for U.S. Companies Advantages for Indian Companies
Better and prompt feedback Better and prompt feedback
Accountability and Responsibility Better client relations & management
Professional and timely work Business procurement and better rates
Value pricing Professional management


Cobranded complete medical transcription solutions with web interface for the US based MTSO.

Dental, HCFA 1500 and UB 92 Insurance form coding and data entry for the US and UK based vendors.


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